TwinPlace connects twinning professionals such as civil servants and independent consultants with organisations interested in twinning projects.

Civil servants express their interest to be proposed as Resident Twinning Advisers or short term advisers, and independent consultants propose their expertise in writing twinning proposals.

TwinPlace is a unique platform designed to ensure easy access to systematic information on twinning and to facilitate the linking between professionals and organisations.

Register your CV on TwinPlace

TwinPlace invites both civil servants and independent consultants interested in twinning projects to register their CV, be it for positions as twinning experts or to assist public organisations in project proposal preparations, analyses of local contexts as well as training and advise on twinning rules and strategies. Public organisations that are subscribed to TwinPlace will be able to search the database and get in direct contact with you.

Subscribe to TwINTEREST

Subscribe to TwINTEREST and receive notifications per email of new twinning projects that match your countries and sectors of interest.

Moreover, download the twinning projects that you are specifically interested in on your personal TwinBoard and be directly informed of those public organisations that also expressed interest for the same twinning project. You will be able to contact these organisations and propose your services. Civil servants have to obtain approval from their public organisation in order to be engaged as experts on twinning projects.

Yearly subscription fee is 175 Euro.