TwinPlace is a private initiative of IBF International Consulting (www.ibf.be), a consulting company serving the public sector on technical cooperation projects funded by international organisations such as the European Commission, the World Bank or the Asian Development Bank, since 1977. IBF doesn’t – and never will – participate in twinning projects.

Based on a needs assessment of the twinning market, IBF noticed a wish from public organisations

  • to have a better visibility about who implemented when and where past and running twinning projects
  • to have a tool to identify and contact other public organisations potentially interested in a twinning project
  • to find support in writing twinning proposals to increase their chances of success
  • to have access to civil servants who are potentially interested in becoming Resident Twinning Advisers, even if they are not from their country/institution.

IBF has therefore developed during 9 months a platform that serves these needs.